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Research from Denmark (reported in Medical Observer, first published in 'Obesity Research', 2004) followed 5,607 generally healthy postmenopausal women over 7 years and found those with the best cognitive scores showed weight gain over the study period.  Those with the worst scores had lost considerable weight during the study period.  Researchers concluded that body fat mass is protective against cognitive impairment and that this protection can be attributed to endogenous oestradiol derived from visceral fat.

Obesity Research 12:1519-1526 (2004)

Bottom line, is for as many studies that suggest that being fat is deadly, there are an equal number of studies suggesting that there is little to no connection between morbidity and obesity alone.

"if you want a possible explanation on happenings in nature, go to science. If you want truth, go to church!"  (Dr Roy Spencer, former senior scientist climatologist with NASA in his book, CLIMATE CONFUSION, NY, 2008)