Avoiding abortion and birth control hormones is the best way to prevent breast cancer!

Following is a chart showing the incidence of breast cancer cases. A relatively obscure disease, the curve was going up slowly until 1973. Abruptly, the curve climbs sharply, a climb which is still happening today.

In the mid 1960's, estrogen birth control became in widespread use and in 1973, abortion was legalized in the USA. Both have been identified as high risk factors in breast cancer.

Abortion can make a woman very susceptible to breast cancer because in early pregnancy, our breasts begin to grow. The cells our bodies are creating are called 'undifferentiated' because the body first grows the cells, and then, turns them into specific breast cells just in time for us to breast feed at the nine month point.

An abortion abruptly interrupts this process, causing the growth of cells to not differentiate. And of course, an undifferentiated growth of cells can easily turn into a cancer.

According to the research of Joel Brind, a woman having an abortion can increase her risk of breast cancer by as much as 200 percent.

Estrogen or estrogen/progestin birth control was shown to be causing causing in the NIH double blind studies in 2005. Pharmaceutical Estrogen was put on the FDA list of carcinogens in 2005.

The following chart was provided by the anti aspartame folks who feel aspartame explains the sharp rise in breast cancer, however, although aspartame has been identified as a cancer risk factor, it has not been identified as a specific breast cancer risk factor

Showing the sharp increase in breast cancer in the 1970's

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