Teresa Tapp - "Fitness in 15 minutes" (her book)

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Teresa Tapp says she's a "Muscle Activation Specialist" but I cannot find any place on her website which gives credentials.  Her workout tapes seem to focus on isometric and callisthenic type exercises rather than traditional cardio.  Tapp claims you condition your heart through her exercises.

When I interviewed her about 10 years ago, she was doing roller blading for cardio. (Although she doesn't mention that on her website).  She also spent her weekends on a farm, doing several hours of heavy farm work every weekend.  When I watched a couple of her "try it first" videos, she seemed to get out of breath after a few calisthenics so she may not be doing the roller blading anymore.

In her online store, she sells supplements as well as her videos. The Total Workout video sells for $79.95 which seems a bit pricey to me.

It's unclear from her website, what type of eating program she advocates although she has some testimonials from folks who claim to have lost a lot of weight on her program.

Obviously now in her 40's she still looks great although not as tiny as she was 10 years ago.

Years ago, she wrote to me that she avoids "man made carbs" every third day which might significantly lower her caloric intake for that day.

One of her testimonials mentions "5 rules for Mastering Leptin"

I follow the 5 rules of Leptin religiously. I no longer eat any product with sugar or artificial sweeteners and I especially avoid high fructose corn syrup and products with hydrogenated oil. My food choices are made from very lean meats, poultry, fish, limited dairy, large amounts of fresh, raw vegetables and fresh fruits especially those that are low glycemic. I limit my intake of caffeine and drink mostly water and naturally caffeine free teas. What coffee I allow myself is no longer whitened with half & half and I donít even miss it anymore.

There seems to be more detail about this on another website.  From what I can understand, you avoid "Manmade foods" for 4 or 5 days a week, only eating "God made foods" (like veggies etc) - on the other day, you can eat Man made foods.

 Teresa Tapp has appeared in many magazines and has a T-Tapp team plus many enthusiastic supporters.

I guess she still periodically, does her "boot camp" because that was mentioned on her website.

Years ago, she published her "boot camp" diet in her "fit tips":

Eat breakfast - breakfast options: -1 c.Honey Puffed Kashi, Spelt Flakes or -1/2 c.Whole Oatmeal with one cup of organic milk....or 2 eggs any style with fresh tomatoes.

2-3 hours later: have one or two hard boiled eggs if cereal was for breakfast or fresh fruit with approximately 10 raw almonds if eggs were for breakfast. Take one capsule of CountryLife co- enzyme B-complex and two alfalfa capsules.

Half hour before lunch - spray 3x with pyruvyl-glycine

Lunch: 6 to 8 oz sliced turkey or roast beef with salad of romaine lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers.... low fat salad dressing (not fat free!) Bottled water or ice tea for beverage. Take another co-enzyme B-complex..

2-3 hours later: 2 fresh carrots with greens on top, 2 stalk of celery and 2 tablespoons of fresh peanut butter (or half cup of Geni-soy toasted soy nuts) Take 2 alfalfa, 1 fibertox, and 1 multi-vitamin.

One hour before dinner: spray with pyruvyl-glycine 2 to 3 x

Dinner: 6 oz filet mignon with 1 cup steamed broccoli or spinach and red bell pepper - one glass of red wine or sparkling mineral water.

2-3 hours later - one cup of fresh berries (strawberries, blue berries and raspberries) with raw almonds or walnuts or granny smith apple or cup of unsweetened soy milk with one teaspoon of molasses. Take 3 tablets CountryLife "Nerve and OsteoSupport" and 2 alfalfa.


This diet although healthy and low calorie, might not be to the taste of many palates.

Now she seems to be especially interested in helping those who cannot do regular aerobics tapes.

It's pretty well known that sticking to "Whole Foods" (what Tapp calls God made foods) will cut one's calorie intake. Some folks can stick to that type of program but many of us cannot.  I also feel that cardio is necessary in order to keep one's heart in good order - Tapp seems to feel not and talks about lymphatic and digestive fitness. However, science seems to favor cardio to exercise the heart.
T. Tapp is no longer affiliated with "Women's Fitness" Magazine. 

A former employee who worked for Tapp for over a year, told me she rarely if ever, saw Teresa eating anything.

Source:Teresa Tapp's tip of the week , correspondence and interview with Teresa Tapp and Teresa Tapp's website