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Studies have suggested that Tamiflu is not real effective in many people.  If people take it the first couple of days, they know about the flu, it can reduce the length of illness somewhat. 

Lately with the swine flu hysteria, Tamiflu has been selling well even though it's never been proven effective against the swine flu.

And there are a long list of side effects you can get from Tamiflu including nausea and vomiting, bronchitis, dizziness and headache although no one knows if this is from the drug or the infection. Bottom line, there wasn't much difference between the placebo group and the Tamiflu group in URI side effects but about 7 percent of the Tamiflu group got gastrointestinal side effects.

Some of the side effects sound scary - they are rare but of course you never know if you will be the one... like anemia, angina, arrhythmia and more.

This is one medication you may want to skip.

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