People are more disabled now and it must be obesity causing it

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The Rand Corporation describes themselves as a research organization with clients like the Rockefeller Corporation (which holds controlling interests in several pharmaceutical companies), health care insurance companies and more.

In case you don't remember the Rand Corporation, they were the ones who gave us the "study" of thousands of people which showed that being obese was more dangerous than cigarette smoking.  (this was a telephone survey which asked participants 5 questions about their health plus their age, height and weight - have you ever met a smoker who didn't insist that he or she is EXTREMELY healthy despite smoking)

Rand has a new "study" to offer us.  People are more disabled now, they tell us, after analyzing an existent body of data. 

People reporting disability causing inability to care for themselves increased in numbers in the following manner:


from 1984 - 1996 increase number
18 - 29 public not told the figures except "significant increase" which leads me to believe it wasn't so significant unknown
30 - 49 from 118 per 10,000 to 182 per 10,000 increase of 64 individuals
40 - 49 from 212 per 10,000 to 278 per 10,000 increase of  66 individuals
50 and above public not told the figures except it was "significant increase" which leads me to believe it wasn't so significant  

If we look at the percentage of increase of the figures given us, it's still a very small percentage.  In the 30-49 year old age group, disability rose from 1.2 percent to 1.8 percent - even now, it's not even 2 percent.  In the 40-49 year old age group, significant disability rose from 2.12 percent to 2.8 percent. In other words, the two more significant increases did not even rise ONE percentage point!

But the best was yet to come in this non-event by the Rand Corporation.  The economists who were doing the analysis, stated that since they can find no other reason for more disability now than in 1984, this -not only a 1 percent hike - must be caused by obesity.

I can find plenty of reasons for the slight increase in disability (type is not specified by the way - i.e. spinal cord injury etc) including bigger and faster automobiles, more fast food, less exercise, more TV, more stress, and driving with cell phones. That's not even counting more risky medical treatments which alone counts for 100,000 deaths a year and the war which disables hundreds at a time.

But of course, the idea is to blame it on obesity so profiteers can SELL Americans more diets, surgeries and medications. Works for the Rockefeller corporations. And of course, the consumer gets the short end and pays dearly for it.

No conspiracy - just "businessmen doing what businessmen do best, marketing product" (Bernie Goldberg: BIAS)

"But who needs data when you can spoon-feed junk science to a gullible media?"
- Steven Milloy, Fox News