Qsymia or Qnexa

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The FDA has approved the diet drug, Qnexa under the name "Qsymia" as safe and effective.

By effective, they mean it helped participants lose 12 lbs.  (that's effective?)

By safe, they don't really specify but a look at the drug's ingredients is a bit scary.  It is a mixture of Topamax and Phentermine.

Phentermine was the "Phen" part of Phen-Fen and raises the metabolism slightly by making the heart beat faster.  It IS a type of amphetamine (despite what some folks would have us believe) - but the drug places on the web refer to it as an amphetamine.

Topamax is worse. It's an anti convulsive drug.  The article says it can cause birth defects but people on Topamax also complain about "brain fog" and confusion.

Several on the scientific committee told the FDA there was not enough information about this drug to approve it and right now, you can only get it on a prescription and mail order but they've opened a door.

The drug company already has glowing testimonials about it.  People feeling more energy (well, "uppers" DO that) etc.

Run away from this one also.  I told folks Phen-Fen wasn't safe, years before people developed heart valve problems from it.

I guess what totally shocks me about the FDA approval of this drug, is giving risky anti convulsive meds to non-epileptics!

I suspect with Qnexa, the drug companies are doing the usual. Making lots of money off the sales to a generation which thinks being fat is worse than being dead, until they get caught with too many lawsuits from injured people.

We've been there before.

Living healthy, exercising cardio 5 times a week and making healthy food choices most of the time, is such a better idea. (HAES)