Power Mall dot com - freebie - not really!

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MLMs are the oldest scam in the book, but  "My Power Mall" we are told, is NOT a Multi level marketing scheme or MLM (even though it can go 9 tiers deep with very little product being moved!) because each person who "owns" a mall has to buy at least ONE DOLLAR's worth of merchandise a month.  That's called "CYA" (we know what those letters mean, right --- hint cover your .... butt).  Because MLM's are against the law in many states.

Ironically, My Power Mall has the acronym "MPM" which is awfully close to MLM and I'm sure not unintentional.  ** wink wink **

It was apparently started by a lady named Ginny Dye, who did one of the MLM's and got disgusted because only 3 percent of the people who join make any money with it.  So she got together with "some interested people" otherwise known as "investors" and spent a chunk of bucks - $500,000 bucks for the software development alone and founded M- PEE - M, for the "good of humanity" she tries hard to convince anyone who will listen.

Although she states it's totally "free" apparently members are encouraged to buy "lead pages" which cost $30 bucks a month.

Other than not really making any bucks, here are some of the problems I see with it:

They say "you don't have to do anything WE do it all".

Problem 1. Possible JUNK EMAIL to everyone who joins.

They say the person who recommended you to get a "power mall" gets paid when you shop (and all of those who recommended the person who recommended you which could be 9 tiers of people)..

PROBLEM 2: Detailed tracking of your shopping habits.... if 10,000 people can be in one tier - guess what - they ALL have detailed tracking of where you shop and what you buy - always valuable information in internet business. And although, PowerMall.com claims they don't sell email addresses, none of the stores at which you shop have made this commitment and neither have all of the people who have access to your detailed shopping habits. All of this spells MAJOR invasion of your privacy!

They say "you don't have to have credit - WE provide it" Did anyone check the interest rate on their "credit" and again, this involves an invasive procedure of checking credit rating etc. Selling credit is, we know, big business and nets a lot of income - for PowerMall.com! :)

Problem 3: MORE invasion of your privacy

Apparently from those who have participated in this, there are other problems. Predictably, most people who join do not continue shopping there, for example.

And the "rebate" from the larger stores for YOUR shopping is small. According to MPM's own figures, if you buy $150 bucks of merchandise a month from your shopping mall, you will earn a whopping $0.69 cents. So... don't spend your rebate all in one place. :)

Ginny, the charming founder, states that the real money to be made is in getting other folks to sign up and SHOP!

There is no selling she tells us.

Problem 4: anytime you push a business, regardless of the wording used, you are selling something. And people weren't born yesterday. You might find some who really think they are getting something for nothing but most people are a bit more sophisticated than that.

Ginny uses all the clichťs I have heard in MLM schemes.

"You are not selling anything - you are changing people's lives" and so forth.

She also states that a small amount of the profits from the business go to help a kid - and the photo of the latest kid being helped is pictured on the website (every person gets a template website with some pretty sophisticated software mostly designed to get new "marks" um... get new sign-ups).

A running tab at the bottom of the site I visited told me that 117 people had signed up that day.

People interested in Power Mall are encouraged to watch a "movie" which turns out to be very little movie and a lot of sales talk from Ginny about how you can change people's lives by signing up and how it's all free. And how you are not selling your friends, you are "giving them a 'gift'".

But a financial skeptic has got to ask some hard questions like how are they going to re-coup their half million bucks in developing the software and how do they pay their staff (which includes quite a few people).

Apparently some have asked Ginny this but have not gotten much of an answer.

This is likely an internet fly by night scheme which will disappear one day without a trace (disappearing businesses even in the "brick n mortar" category are on the rise, it seems). But in signing up you could lose a lot more than time. You are likely "telling the world" (of the internet anyway) about your shopping habits and more, and that could generate spam and junk mails for years to come, let alone worse.

Skip this one, folks....

Bottom line, there is NOTHING FOR NOTHING and until Americans learn that they will continue to get scammed daily.

Hard to find any negative articles about "My Power Mall" (it's too new) but here are a couple of messages I found:

post by mercenary: (he apparently joined it and tried it out)

Itís a scam big time. They have 94000 members, only 4100 people are shopping, there are only 2200 in their forum, less then 100 new members join a day. No one makes money because no one is shopping. everyone already quit. They just started a one thing program trying to make people use their malls but one thing is not enough. They try to push it on non-profits but they all see it as a home business scam and want nothing to do with it. They can always tell you about the one person that is making money but 10000ís donít make a dime. Itís is close to impossible to give it away. They say no selling, you have to sell their website and you will spend $100ís and you canít give the thing away so all your downlines if you do have some, they quit. You need 10,000 people in your downline shopping and spending $150.00 a month to make any money and itís imposible. It is a big waste of time, and believe me you have to sell and sell and sell, and then keep on any little down line you get to SHOP. They are very close minded so making any suggestions is a waste of time. The forum is a waste of time because it it mostly just Ginny Dye butt kissers and they defend each other to protect the party line. Very few will ever get the 10000 people minimum needed to make any money. The only person making money at MPM is Ginny Dye. Watch their movie and do the math yourself. It will take you 100 years to get 10000 people shopping in your down line. Itís hard to get one new person a week, that is 10000 weeks, and they donít even shop. Itís a nice mall but you will never make any money.
I've Tried That

I cancelled my MPM. It was a big waste of time and if the 90000 other members that just donít do a thing with MPM went and cancelled their Malls you would see the real proof,Ö4100 members and 2200 in the forum. this is the truth that they can not address at all. And MPM will alway be great in the future. "Tomorrow everything will be wonderful", I think not. The way they sell MPM to people is with lying. You have to tell people they will make a lot of money and there is no selling. The truth is you make no money at all and you have to sell this thing all day long because no one wants it for free. They say no selling and then they give you training on selling. The lead capture pages that are a waste of money at $30.00 a month for all your online advertising. If there is nothing to sell why do you need lead capture pages? When I ask Ginny about this she told me that she had one person with a down line of over 10000 that did not pay a penny to advertise. Prove it!
In Ginnyís presentation her last words are "join for free and prove it to your self and if I lying you can quit" 90000 did quit, they just did not bother to log in to their back office and cancel there mall. Most people see the truth of this and just quit.

I cancelled my Mall because I will not put my name on a lie, sorry that is just me. I made real suggestion to Ginny that would have made MPM an honest business by re-writing that presentation for starters but she was not interested in telling people the real truthÖyou will never make money and you have to sell, sell, sell. I hated telling people how much they would make and that there was no selling when I know for a fact that is a lie and it does not take long for people to figure out the truth. Most people just donít take the time to cancel, any one person in my downline would shop, and no one else would respond to e-mails or phone calls and never shopped at all. And why didn't St. Jude want MPM, they are in deep need of money and they would have nothing to do with it and when I asked Ginny to help, she refused. Why would she not offer to help st. jude? Because even Ginny knows MPM is a big nothing. I just want to let the world know that. She does not walk on water.


By kittles

The word behind the scenes says MPM is done ...stick a fork in it !
Too bad , it probably would have done better if they had capable people running it! Starting at CEO and going on down. Who suffers ? The kids who might have been reached. Why? I think it's a matter of someone's big ego getting in the way! Even She couldn't come off as credible on this. People have begun to notice the cracks in her thin facade. Her cheers and rallying cries have become annoying and unbelievable to all but a few. It's become obvious and annoying , all she really cares about are how much you spend! Her answer to this ? It's all negativity! Get real folks that's how the world works. Good and bad ,left and right , positive and negative. Ginny has turned a positive into a negative herself! The sad part is ,she can't see it! Her "friends " don't have the guts to tell her. And she sits on mountain tops waiting for the universe to give her wisdom.
She's too blind to see that all these months all those she considered negative were only messengers sent to warn her! Did she listen ? No..her ego, pride ,whatever ,got in the way and landed her where she is now!

Sad ..but foreseeable!
By this time in next year ,MPM will only be a memory like all those failures that preceded MPM
. Unfortunately ...There never was any l power behind MPM !