Oxygen bars - healthy or not really?

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Here and there, one sees "Oxygen bars". People recommending inhaling pure oxygen, say it supposedly increases your exercise endurance,  can make you concentrate better, provides relief from stress and pollution and eases headaches and hangovers.

But the medical information states none of the above has been proven (there have been no studies suggesting the benefits of breathing pure Oxygen), and there actually may be some risks in partaking in Oxygen bars.

The American Lung Assn states that while inhaling pure Oxygen will likely not harm a healthy person, people with some types of heart disease, or congestive heart failure, or pulmonary hypertension or C.O.P.D could possibly stop breathing after indulging in an O2 bar.

Another possible risk is the so called "flavored Oxygen" some bars offer and of course, in a non medical, non sterile setting, the user has no proof of the purity of the product nor of the sterility or non sterility of the bar offering this service.

As in many similar things, if in doubt, don't risk it.

(article by Sue Joan)


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