Whatever happened to "MuscleMag"

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In the 1990's, there was an excellent magazine called "MuscleMag", one which many of us enjoyed.  Sadly, tragedy hit the publisher, a teacher and avid bodybuilding fan named Robert Kennedy, and an author who had written over 50 books. in 1998, Kennedy and his younger son, Braden, were involved in a auto accident.  Kennedy was thrown from the car but his younger son, who was 11 years old at the time, got severe traumatic brain injury and required 24/7 care, until his death from pneumonia in 2011. Kennedy's first wife committed suicide soon after the accident. In 2012, Robert Kennedy was DXed with cancer and appears to have been hospitalized until his death a couple of months later. 

Photo is Arnold Schwartzernegger visiting Kennedy in his last days.  Kennedy who had tried his best to live a healthy lifestyle, never smoking or drinking, apparently refused chemotherapy and tried several alternate ways of treating cancer including high dose vitamins etc but the cancer spread quickly and Kennedy died a couple of months after his diagnosis.

The Musclemag magazine went bankrupt and ceased publication.