Lipo-dissolve- does it work and is it safe?

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Update 5/2/2016

Plastic surgeon states lipodissolve isn't a good idea

UPDATE Jan 8, 2008: has filed chapter 11, closed 17 clinics releasing 500 employees into the unemployed.  A CEO interviewed by one reporter, cited "decreased discretionary spending by consumers, lower seasonal sales in the third and fourth quarters and bad press about Lipo­dissolve products" as the reason for the company's decision to shutdown.  Apparently the clinics were closed in December, but the filing for chapter 11 was done on Monday Jan 6, 2008.

The Better Business Bureau has received over 100 complaints about lipodissolve so it's not necessarily "bad press" which hurt the company.  Following is my researched article about lipodissolve because I'm sure it will be back in another form!  --- end update ------

A new procedure has been heavily advertised on TV. This procedure is called lipodissolve and is supposed to dissolve the fat without liposuction. One outfit called "FIG" (for figure) has been hard selling this over infomercials.  Their website is and if you can believe them, it's the greatest thing since apple pie.  Minimally invasive, they tell us and "it really works"

However, like anything else, there are trade offs.
Even the venders of these shots which go under the skin admit that they are not (as the infomercials suggest) for large areas of fat and also treatments do not ensure that fat will not return.
The shots themselves are not approved by the FDA per se but venders are getting by that, by using the compounding allowance i.e. registered pharmacists may compound medications. However, at least one of the medications often included has NOT been approved by the FDA.
As for what the shots contain, this seems to vary from vender to vender, also not a good thing - because without FDA approval, one can put anything into the shot.
One description stated:

anti-fat shots often contain a compound of approved drug ingredients known as PCDC, which includes a phospholipid called phosphatidylcholine and a bile acid called deoxycholate. A drug containing PCDC called Lipostabil is approved in Germany as an intravenous medication to treat blood vessels blocked by fat embolisms. (NY TIMES)

Shots may not be as painless as advertised. A couple of doctors experimented and experienced not only a lot of swelling but after the swelling went down, no visible changes in the fat.  One doctor stated that 30 minutes after his shot of lipodissolve, he felt like he had been stung by 50 bees, and his skin had turned black.  "I thought I would need a skin graft" he said.  Another doctor described his stomach looking like he was pregnant after a lipodissolve shot.
"Missouri is the show me state", said one doctor who decided after trying it on himself that he was NOT going to offer it to his patients.
The venders of lipodissolve admit it can cause irritation, swelling, red bumps on the skin. They also say it's hard to gage the "after" effects as far as fat removal but that "satisfied customers are the best proof".

Recovery and complications: About ˝ hour after the Lipodissolve treatments, patients will experience redness, swelling and a burning sensation that may persist for several hours and is relieved by wearing a compression garment. Ice packs and anti-inflammatory are discouraged since the inflammation associated with the injections helps maximize the results. Swelling will last several days and the areas may feel sore for about a week. Many people experience small knots or nodules, especially on the abdomen, that will resolve over several weeks. Bruising is common with both Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy for cellulite.

(skinsperation is not up at present - the site from which I quote the above)
There apparently is a long list of people who are NOT APPROPRIATE candidates for lipodissolve. From one cosmetic surgeon's site:

Lipo-dissolve should not be used for pregnant women, nursing mothers, obese patients; or people with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, vascular complications, or infections of any kind. It is important to note that lipo-dissolve is not an appropriate treatment for large areas of fat. In addition, it is recommended that all lipo-dissolve candidates participate in a proper diet and regular exercise program.

I was not able to obtain the informed consent form but it might be interesting.  My suggestion.... since the safety of this procedure is FAR from being established and the group of those "inappropriate" for the procedure is rather large, and the disclaimers of the providers suggest that it isn't that effective, I would pass on this one.... JMO.  In fact, I'd run the other way... :)