Cortislim lawsuit

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It sounded so good.  People who have a lot of stress, are producing a lot of cortisol which can cause a weight gain especially in that nasty bellyfat we all hate and here was a product which addressed the blood levels of cortisol to show amazing weight losses (if you believed the poster kids with smiling faces who appeared on the infomercials).  But apparently the truth was the opposite of the ads. 

This should be taken with a grain of salt however.  Because there are several pharmaceutical drugs which are not only NOT effective but risky however, I have never seen a class action suit against them (except the Phen-Fen suits from which the pharmaceutical got off rather easily by getting some of the key evidence thrown out of court like their holding the bad results from the studies - because it was "standard practice in the pharmaceutical industry")

Most diet products don't work or don't work for more than a few lbs but products like Cortislim are likely not risky either:

>>>A nationwide consumer class action lawsuit was filed on July 12, 2004 against the manufacturer and distributor of the popular dietary supplement CortiSlim(TM). Filed on behalf of named residents of 26 different states, the suit seeks to represent a class of consumers nationwide who have purchased CortiSlim(TM) based on its allegedly misleading advertising claims.

"There's no such thing as a magic diet pill," said Jeff Carton, one of the attorneys representing the class of plaintiffs. "Our lawsuit alleges that this is a product that unfairly preys upon consumers and makes false claims which science can't support." The suit charges CortiSlimô with using a series of misleading infomercials in which the human body's ability to regulate weight loss is allgedly linked to the body's production of a chemical substance called cortisol. Contrary to defendants' advertisments, the suit contends that defendants' marketing claims are unsubstantiated and lack a valid scientific basis.

The suit seeks a refund for all consumers who purchased CortiSlim(TM), the disgorgement of profits and a ban on the continuation of defendants' misleading advertising campaign.

To become a part of the class suing Cortislim: