Calorie / points counters (update: 4/30/2016)

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Counting calories can come in handy to make SURE we are getting ENOUGH calories daily (should get at least 1500 for a woman and 2000 for a man - also 2500 to 3000 if you are under 35 and active) but not too MANY calories. Skipping fast food which is packed with calories, trans-fat and other things not necessarily healthy (to put it mildly), is a good idea!  Kidding ourselves about our intake is easy if we do not journal our food especially when our bodies have experienced a weight loss and are producing hormones to make us hungry. In digging for info on the Internet, I found that 60% of people who had tonsillectomies in the 1950's and 1960's, sustained damage to the pituitary gland, significantly lowering their metabolism regardless of their activity level. The affinity to obesity is also somewhat hereditary - scientists have postulated the presence of something they call "the thrifty gene" (really likely a group of genes) seen in people descended from nationalities where the workload was high and not much food was available. (Included in this group are Native Americans, African Americans, Germans, Polish and so forth).

 The following sites are very helpful in determining and controlling food and caloric intake:

  • My Fitness Pal (This is my favorite site - it's free but they do offer a premium program also. They have a really nice "app" for iPhones, iPads et al and even a supportive community.The service includes a free food lookup which is very complete and easy to use)
  • Weight Watchers site (this charges a monthly fee but you get a lot for this including lookup, their latest books on line, help with the program and much more. The new Smart Points program helps you make healthy food choices! For lifetime members of Weight Watchers who are at or below goal, the site is free - you can get a number at your monthly meeting to type in for this feature.)
  • The following sites I haven't used but look like they may be helpful: