"Brain Death" - The Simple Truth

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"So, there's maybe a little skepticism about donation incentives belonging in the good idea drawer. A regulated industry involving expensive goods in high demand and scarce supply is bound for corruption, right?" -- Fan Huang

As complicated as the coined terms death by "brain death" (DBD), heart beating donor and death by cardiac death (DCD), NHBD (non-heart beating donor) appear to be, in truth, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

!. Death by cardiac death (DCD) -  in the recent past, this was known as Non-Heart Beating Donor (NHBD) - is the preparation of a living human person to be dissected alive for the sole purpose of harvesting vital organs. The still alive patient-victim, is filled with chemicals to ensure the preservation of the organs. When the heart is stopped, either when it is excised or stopped prior to the excision of other organs, death is pronounced and resuscitation measures are taken as life must be present since vital organs from someone truly dead are not suitable for transplantation.

Killing the patient in the process of dissection was known and acknowledged from the very beginning of transplantation. In the early years, no particular terminology was used to label the method or means in which a patient was no longer considered human, respected and valued as a person in need of medical attention, compassion and on-going treatment and care for his/her well being. Although the terms NHBD and DCD were not used, NHBD or DCD was the basic, original method used to get organs prior to the contrivance of "brain death."

2. The practice of organ transplantation was neither legal nor was it condoned by the majority within the medical establishment at the time. It was, however, a continuation of over hundred years of human medical experimentation. Those conducting such surgical procedures did so discretely.

In 1968, the determination to expand the organ transplant harvest without fear of legal repercussion, necessitated the reinvention of death. The public was told that the "miracle" of transplantation, the new, modern medical technology, would save lives. What wasn't divulged was the fact that human life would be sacrificed in the process. This was a carefully contrived scheme consisting of a well articulated label to dehumanize the patient to pronounce him/her dead for the sake of harvesting organs for transplant.

 The development of the term "brain death" was to be an acceptable term to gain public support and thereby, to get around the laws of requiring a true physical death before harvesting organs. A true physical death is manifest as the absence of respiration, heartbeat and circulation that is beyond any form of resuscitation or life support.

Thirteen individuals, all directly involved in organ transplantation, gathered at Harvard University and invented the "new death".  (I tried to find out the members of this "ad hoc committee" but could find the list no where on the internet which, in itself, is interesting). The invention of "brain death" and the contrived criteria is known as the Harvard Criteria. It was an assembly of perversion whose agenda would lead this nation into darkness.

Despite the numerous articles published by respected physicians blatantly renouncing this movement to subvert truth, misrepresenting science and undermining the Oath of Hippocrates, the deception continued. Some transplant surgeons and physicians were charged with murder, yet to no avail.

A deadly code of silence creating a moral vacuum enabling "brain death" and organ transplantation to be pursued was likely due to those involved keeping the public unaware of their machinations. The passage of the tax exemption law in 1954, tended to cut down the discussion of controversial issues in churches.  The much publicized organ transplant surgeries performed during this time featuring a few famous individuals was well known.

By the time the controversy of "brain death" and organ transplantation surfaced fourteen years later in 1968, the public were (and still are) very ignorant of the reality of what the new definitions meant and the realities of organ transplantation. 

The religions, in an eerie silence, assumed all was well in medicine without having much knowledge of what the new criteria for death meant.

"All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to keep silent!" (Edmund Burke)

In defense of the churches, they, as do many folks today, assumed that the Hippocratic oath protected the patient which it did somewhat, in the past.  Where they made a grave mistake is that doctors who do not have a strong moral code may interpret the oath differently and after 1968, the "new age" morality greatly weakened all moral codes. 

By 1968, doctors were performing abortions in hospitals and calling them "D & C's" and NARAL was ardently campaigning for the legalization of abortions in the United States. At this time, 100,000 abortions were being performed in the USA.  No one saw where this was leading.

In 1970, New York state, legalized abortion and Roe V Wade came in 1973 - and Doe V Bolton, the two Supreme Court decisions which rendered all laws against abortion as "unconstitutional". This, in turn, invalidated the Hypocratic Oath which had firm restrictions against any medical provider performing an act of the termination of human life (and abortion is specifically mentioned as being prohibited by the Hippocratic Oath).

But when the oath was discarded, that was effectively giving the medical profession a blank check as far as what lives to preserve and what lives were no longer protected. This is what pro life folks call "the slippery slope", where selected human lives are no longer protected.  Unfortunately, many today in the church are still assuming medicine functions under the Hippocratic Oath.

Everyone forgot that

  • Abortion was legal in Germany for 20 years before Hitler put his plans to terminate millions of humans into place.
  • "People who do not study history are doomed to repeat it."
  • "All we have learned from history is that we do not learn from history" (George Bernard Shaw)

The Oath of Hippocrates and the ethical, moral and traditional standards thereof were swiftly circumvented under the guise of preserving or saving lives. Death swept through the country with a bloody vengeance. The precious lives in which they were called to protect were taken as they had been forsaken, and the worse nightmare began to unfold before their very eyes.

In 1970 Kansas became the first state enact a law to legalize the definition of "brain death" for the purpose of organ harvesting. In 1980 the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA), was recommended for adoption by all states to make it uniformly legal that "brain death" would be considered equal to cardiac death. Complacent Americans slid down the 'slippery slope' of moral decadence. Death, in a variety of names and means exploded throughout the country. The concept of there being a 'good' death became a household word.

Did this begin with our euphemisms for killing our beloved pets?  We never refer to euthanizing our pets (and euthanize means a "good death" which already, is questionable terminology).  We say we "put them down" or "put them to sleep".  We forget that it was the euphemistic language which enabled the German people to ignore the mass murders of Hitler.  It was never murdering Jews (also Catholic priests and nuns, handicapped and other undesirables). It was "solving the Jewish problem", etc.

Launched was one of the most extensive propaganda campaigns ever known, "the gift of life". This deceptive campaign solicited individuals in the public to designate themselves as "organ donors" under the guise of "providing life" for others at "no cost to them". The fallacy of "brain death", the illusion of organ transplantation being the "miracle" of modern medicine has become a part of American beliefs - many folks will be shocked to learn that things are not as they have been led to believe.

"If our time has come, perhaps we can share a fragment of our life with another person who has many more miles to go in this journey." (Promo for soliciting organ donors)

If there were any validity whatsoever, any real concern for saving lives, the invention of "brain death" would have been stopped before it began. The issue is money and power. "Brain death" was nothing more or less than the social engineer developed to demoralize the country in an effort to make big bucks.  As usual, follow the money trail.

Slavery, the selling of human flesh, experimentation on embryos, and abortion are not new. It is the ancient practice of "shedding innocent blood," prohibited by God and taboo for those of the Judeo-Christian faith.

The subject of death has become a three-ring circus! Politically, the human person has been exploited as a mere ploy, a bargaining tool and a strategy to achieve points in debates and votes at the polls.  The so-called debate has only been hype to con the public as observed by the lack of action on the part of most politicians in our government today, after making big campaign promises to secure election.

The church, threatened with a persecution and unsure what to do, tries to warn people but we have progressed too far down the slippery slope and unfortunately, many in the church are afraid to speak out while the sons of darkness are well represented in those who produce movies, TV shows, our public schools and other, their voices heard loud and clear. Death has become as American as baseball and apple pie, shielded in sweet euphemistic language.

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -
-- Plato

Until serious Christians gather as one and in unison, demand the killing be stopped,  and refuse to vote for politicians except those who represent the respect of all human life, the mass killing will go on.

First, what needs to be done, is the educate the people and then, to make folks realize that Christians are the majority and could make a difference if they stood together.  People also need to be educated about the realities of organ transplantation, the profit motive, the lack of quality of life for many transplant patients and the need to harvest organs while the donor is still alive.

The enemy of all life has sought to have the testimony of the church eradicated and truth banned altogether. This shall transpire if Christians, continue to ignore "the least", continuing to tolerate evil and allowing the "shedding of innocent blood".

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear." - Edmund Burke

Although, the name of Jesus can be found on bumper stickers, on the cover of millions of music recordings and printed on T-shirts, how many of today's Christians are willing to die for their faith? Because it was the blood of the Christian martyrs which caused real reform in history and likely it will be that again which can save the world.

One problem is that the art of linguistics, the array of euphemisms used and myths have replaced sound moral practice in the lives of many of us.

All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.
Confucius **

If we do not stand together in defense of all life, there is good evidence that we shall, by our own hand, abort and euthanize ourselves into extinction.

Time to wake up America!

by Sue Joan (based on an article by Bernice Jones in addition to my own research)