Billings ovulation or natural family planning

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This method is called "Family Planning" rather than contraception because it is not "against" conception, but rather makes planning when to start a family up to both members of the couple.  Johns Hopkins Institute told Newsweek Magazine in the 1980's that Billings Ovulation is as effective as the birth control pill and 100 percent safe.

We now know that Billings Ovulation (invented by a Catholic Doctor!) or Natural Family Planning is 95% effective (and 100% safe) but the birth control pill is only 60% effective and greatly raises the risk for not only ovarian cancer but breast cancer as well. 

According to the pharmaceutical warnings, the birth control pill or Depo or the estrogen patch have numerous side effects and dangers long term i.e. 40 percent greater risk of stroke, heart attack and thrombosis with this risk doubled in those who smoke cigarettes.

At its simplest, Billings Ovulation provides for the woman to learn to "read" the secretions from her reproductive organs because Dr Billings discovered that a woman's secretions differ in appearance when she is ovulating.  Natural Family Planning incorporates Billings Ovulation with taking the daily temperature.

When the woman sees she is ovulating, she and her husband can then decide whether they wish to "take a chance" on pregnancy.  If they don't, they can abstain from se/x for 5-7 days a month.  The rest of the month, is totally natural, no pills, no "devices" and total freedom! 

For Catholic ladies it is especially nice because it's like telling God when you would like to start a family but leaving a tiny door open in case He has a special person to place into your womb. Again, total freedom as some women have never experienced with other types of family planning.

I personally used this for several years and it works wonderfully!  I hoped God WOULD override because I sort of wanted another pregnancy but didn't feel comfortable not using some type of family planning due to some physical issues I have. God never did override and I did not have a pregnancy while using Billings Ovulation.

If you want to know more about this (you can learn it in an hour from a book) see:

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